About us

Our company, established more than thirty years ago, is founded on principles of enhancement and divulging the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Florentine artisan tradition; Signum creates high quality products characterized by strict hand production, quality of the materials and refinement of the design. In the last decade we mainly focused on the production of leather and paper bookbinding articles, always keeping alive the link with the techniques and materials of the past, with the wisdom of the historical artisan tradition achieved thanks to our master bookbinder, a skilled craftsman who increased his art and knowledge during long periods of activity as a restorer for the National Library of Florence. In our catalogue there are also useful objects for learning the ancient writing techniques but also reproductions of historical maps, planispheres, as well as pleasant “playful” objects, such as puzzles, dolls and games. Unmissable on our shelves is the character of Pinocchio who came to life from the pen of the famous Carlo Collodi, an authentic Florentine, to whom we wanted to pay homage by creating many products that represent the hero of the fairy tale that all children, and adults, love and have loved. A world made of puppets, theatres and dreams… the charm of which few can resist.

The purpose of Signum since its origins was to satisfy our customers with unique and graceful products, but also to pamper them with the pleasant and renewed testimonies of our precious and illustrious past when the refinement of the workforce made the Florentine and Italian culture and tradition unique in the world. Today we keep the traditions devoting part of our production to exquisite miniature libraries. Miniaturized copies of cabinets, old typographic drawers transformed into precious paintings in which you can discover a small world of precious and refined everyday objects, replicas of documents, letters, curious ornaments, titles of the great masters of the past and large paintings in miniature format.